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Why authenticity as a focus?

Like many people, I spent years listening to well-meaning family and friends only to discover the life that yielded wasn't my own, but some hybrid of theirs. The man I married and divorced, the clothes I wore and that house I owned pleased my mother. The high tech career I chose satisfied my dad. They were proud, but I was not. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself. 


To find the me beneath all this, I hired a talented and compassionate counselor who helped me hear and see myself clearly. Like leaves twisting toward light, listening to myself lead to confidence, quiet satisfaction and peace. I discovered what was right for me.


That is how I went from computers in Chicago to counseling in Austin, from both poles of people-pleasing to genuine self-expression. And it's how I'm able to offer something similar to you. I know authenticity's value and how to get there.


Let's get started.

Cathryn Heyman, MA, NCC, LPC