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in the Bee Cave Counseling Suite

3821 Juniper Trace Ste 102

Bee Cave, Texas 78738


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My Approach

Most of the people I work with arrive feeling worried or overwhelmed. They tend to OVERTHINK things. Those anxious feelings and thoughts are an indication that things are out of balance in the problem-solving department. To restore balance, we’ll redirect our attention to the body through some simple mindfulness exercises. Once calm, we’ll modify the relationship you have with your thoughts – a kind of cognitive therapy. This is a body/mind approach in psychotherapy, one called Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy. As your perspective shifts, more options become visible. 


I don’t provide answers. I provide a path and customizable method for self-regulation and self-knowledge through which confidence and self-trust grow. Over time, clients say they are less reactive to stressors and make decisions with greater ease because they know and like themselves better. They become more authentic.